50th Anniversary International Summer School-Conference “Advanced problems of mechanics”

The conference “Advanced problems in mechanics” contributes to the solution of modern theoretical and applied problems of mechanics, and its main goal is to create conditions for the exchange of information between specialists from different countries of the world, discussion of new ideas, non-standard problems and questions of applying the results of theoretical research in practice. The topics of the conference cover not only most areas of mechanics, but also interdisciplinary issues, and the main attention is paid to problems on the border of mechanics with other areas of science.

Over the decades of its existence, the conference has become a powerful tool for the development of the industry and international cooperation of mechanical scientists: hundreds of outstanding scientists from all over the world take part in the event, many problems of mechanics are solved, dozens of creative teams are created that conduct joint research and publish scientific articles. In 2022, the conference “Advanced problems of mechanics” will be held for the 50th time. And we are glad to announce that the anniversary conference will be held in person!

The organizers of the 50th International Summer School-Conference “Advanced Problems of Mechanics” are Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The event is held under the patronage of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 2022, the conference “Advanced Problems of Mechanics” received the status of a satellite conference of the International Congress of Mathematicians – the most significant event in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics in the world and one of the oldest scientific congresses. The International Congress of Mathematicians will be held in St. Petersburg from 6 to 14 July 2022.